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Live Goaltender Coaching


Today's world is online. Hockey is no different.  There is a major component in goaltender training that can be done in a visual forum and an interactive virtual environment.  Here at THE ROCK we are providing the highest level of online training and video tutorials in a private group for those who are passionate about the position of goaltending.


Goaltender Scouting Community


One of the biggest challenges on either side of the boards is recruitment.  How do you get noticed? How does a coach find the goaltenders they need?  Its always been a problem... until now.  Connecting goaltenders and coaches to solve the problem.  Video, contact information, done.


My name is Nolan Schaefer.  I am a former professional goaltender and now consultant and coach at Clear Sight Development.  I have been coaching now for six years and I love every minute of it.  There are ups and downs like any other job but its been a real blessing to have a labor of love.  Teaching and mentoring young goaltenders!

I started this company because I believe there is a major advantage  that could be had in goaltender development from maintaining relationship with a larger group of athletes throughout the hockey season.  We are all busy and time is hard to find for all of us.  But with technology today  I can now help in many capacities at an affordable cost.  Not only that, but now we can start our own team, our own community, a place of support, and information where PASSION meets POSITION.  This community will be found in the form of THE ROCK goaltender group.

On another note, being recruited as a goaltender can be very difficult.  There are only two spots on any team.  I wanted to make a place where we could all convene, show our talents on video, and have that be available to all the coaches that are interested or looking for goalies for their team.  Taking the guess work out of recruitment for parents, goaltenders and coaches. That's why I am launching the ROCK Recruitment Platform.

So come on in, tour the site.  I look forward to meeting you all and help guide you in the position of goaltending.

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